Mercator is an enterprise resource planning software (ERP) designed for SMEs.
It is based on three pillars, namely sales management, accounting and customer relationship management (CRM).
Mercator enables the integration of all of your processes and allows to manage the whole of your business in a single and unique software.
Due to its simplicity of use, its high level of adaptability and its advanced technology, Mercator is probably the right choice to grow with your business.

Sales Management


Mercator is efficient to manage your sale and purchase processes. For each step of your internal processes, even if these involve many users, Mercator has the right solution to manage your whole business in a single and unique software. With the aim to satisfy the most accurate needs, Mercator allows to enable lots of settings to match your business rules. Many additional modules can be plugged to the software in order to reach a specific need. If the standard behaviour does not meet your requirements, it is possible to develop custom made modules.



The accounting modules in Mercator enable the generation of legal documents and mandatory declarations, such as, for example, balance sheets, VAT declaration, annual accounts or Intrastat declaration. The accounting modules are directly linked to the built-in sales management features, which allows you to track step by step the origin of each transaction. This close integration in a single and unique software eases the access to your data. Shown as reports and dashboards, these one are computed in order to help you to take the right strategic decision for your company.




The CRM of Mercator helps you to deploy commercial strategies and to measure their efficiency. Each opportunity is declined as tasks to perform and goals to achieve. For each contact, Mercator allows to set up marketing campaigns by e-mail or SMS. Thanks to the calendar and its alerts, you will be able to convert every opportunity and to check the daily work in your organization. The CRM improves the efficiency of your internal processes and the communication between your collaborators due to the centralization of the information in a single software.

Business Intelligence

The business intelligence, currently abbreviated as BI, is the ultimate decision tool. Thanks to intuitive visualisations and custom dashboards, the managers are able to monitor the company's activity, to analyze the key performance indicators and to make the right choices. The main strength of the BI is that allow to centralize every data sources in the same place, coming from Mercator, a website, analytics services or structured files, with the aim to extract the most important information.


Mercator is not a job oriented software, it means the software is not dedicated to a particular sector. Its high level of customization allows the integration of your own business processes. The following booklets show how Mercator can be used in the context of three types of business : 


Mercator is avaiable in different versions in order to propose a solution for each level of needs. The following booklets describe the functional features of each version :