Agilux is a consulting company founded in 2008 in Belgium. Year after year the company specialized in ERP and accounting software integration for SMEs. Since 2012, Agilux acquired skills in development of websites, e-commerce and mobile apps. Finally in October 2014, Agilux moved its headquarter in Luxembourg while keeping its Belgian office.



The name Agilux comes from the software development principles called « Agile ». These one prone four fundamental approaches that focus on individuals and Interactions over processes and tools, working Software over comprehensive documentation, customer Collaboration over contract negotiation and responding to Change over following a plan.



With the aim to reach our common goal that is to improve your daily business processes thanks to our IT solutions, Agilux provides six types of services that are the advice to orient your choices, the analysis to understand your business, the software integration, the custom made development, the training to increase your skills and the support to answer your questions.